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You Have Big Plans for Your Business and We Are Here to Make Them Happen

STMS Consulting is a boutique consultancy firm specializing in improving the everyday operations of medium and large organizations. We work with two of the three main assets of any truly successful business: PEOPLE and PROCESSES. The third asset, which is PRODUCT or SERVICE, is directly impacted by the first two.


Based in South Florida, we've been operating since 2004 and have a growing list of clients who trust our support in a wide array of needs, without having to hire extra personnel or distract their employees from their BAU for long periods of time.

We tune in, we make sure we understand. Only then, we produce relevant, accurate and complete deliverables to help our clients succeed in their different endeavors. Our team members are highly skilled in listening to stakeholders, seeking common ground during discussions, and delivering as promised.


2004 - STMS Consulting was born as a translations company, specializing in large Marketing organizations.

2010 - Due to market needs, by 2010 we had evolved into a bilingual company that created business process diagrams and complex documentation for medium and large organizations across industries.

2013 - A growing need is identified for companies to formalize their operations through process documentation, whether for compliance, training, and/or communication purposes. We grew organically with clients who trusted us in this journey.

2015 - STMS Consulting expanded into process improvement projects to directly impact efficient operations in terms of service improvement, savings, and regulatory compliance. Additionally, we start receiving requests to lend our resources to assist in complex project implementations in different capacities: Project managers, technical writers, developers. 

2019 - STMS Consulting conducts its first training project. A new practice in Organizational Development is officially born with a set of transformational projects to help client companies align their employees and collaborators with their enhanced operational strategies. 

We have gone through organic growth and transformation. We understand your growth.

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